professional business adult

I have worked on many open source projects such as Linux, FreeBSD, Kubernetes, The Go Programming Language, and Falco

I believe in decision making in the open. I prefer to structure projects in modular ways such that engineers and end-users can compose broader applications with the building blocks.

I believe in a creative problem solving process that involves studying, observing, and manipulating technology

Most people just call this hacking.

I push tools to their limits, observe how they respond. I think of new ways to use and abuse this newly discovered behavior.

Beyond the amazing content you will read on this website, you can read more about a book I co-authored called Cloud Native Infrastructure.

My writing style is direct, and I typically prefer reading/writing for technical conversation. I typically am not fond of brainstorming without record.

Once upon a time I used to speak in front of people.

I am currently on a professional hiatus from public speaking. 

There are a few events I might entertain speaking at, however chances are I am currently going to politely decline the majority of requests.