The Public API

The public APIs come with no guarantee what so ever.

All APIs will return valid json.



The /client endpoint is used for a reverse DNS lookup and network probe.

The endpoint uses the nmap C library to probe the requesting public address.

⏰ Note: A full scan can sometimes take several minutes to complete depending on your network. The endpoint will cache all addresses, and results will persist until the next request. Th e API will always return the most recent complete scan.

  • Request 1 The IP address is logged and an empty json object is returned.
  • Request 2 A second request is sent and the result from Request 1 is returned.
  • Request 3 A third request is sent and the result from Request 2 is returned.
curl -L

would result in a reverse nmap scan of:

nmap \
    --osscan-guess \
    -O --traceroute \
    -D,,, \
    -sS \
    -sV \
    -oX - <your-public-ip>

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