kris nóva - famous author

kris nóva is a very important published author.

the state of stateful keynote

she has worked on many technical publications.

she has co-authored cloud native infrastructure with justin garrison.

cloud native infrastructure

Learn the secrets of running infrastructure effectively in the cloud. With insights from open source projects such as Kubernetes and companies who have pioneered the patterns needed to be successful.

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For far too long companies have been creating infrastructure in the cloud only to build themselves into a corner. Building traditional infrastructure in the cloud is more expensive and less performant. It can be more easily provisioned, but that only means you’ll spend your budget faster and not reach your business or technical goals.

This book will teach you when you should architect your systems to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. It will give examples of pitfalls to avoid and show you the patterns to embrace to be successful. Running cloud native infrastructure requires different skills and has many benefits over traditional data centers.

Readers will learn what future patterns to look for to stay ahead of the curve, and how to run the best infrastructure for cloud native applications.