Available Spring 2022

I am currently working on a book about exploiting the tech industry. This book is the hacker manual on how to model humans, computers, and money.

I livestream most of the writing process on twitch. As the book nears completion, dates will be announced here and by signing up below. Check Out The Stream on Twitch


This is an independently published book about modeling the tech industry.

Particularly this book will model computers, humans, and money and their subsequent relationships. Understand the alarming state of the tech industry for better or for worse.

Written for Marginalized Technologists

This book is designed so that anyone will find value, however it specifically designed to give marginalized technologists (LGBTQ, Black people, People of Color, Women, Non-binary, Gender minorities, Neurodivergent, and more) a set of tools in aiding their ability to exploit a fundamentally unbalanced system.

Think like a Hacker

This book draws inspiration from my professional history in Linux and Kubernetes security, distributed threat modeling, kernel security, and cloud infrastructure for techniques on modeling and exploiting the system that is the Silicon Valley tech industry. If you enjoy linear thinking, modeling complex relationships as systems, and learning about the strategy I developed to become a Senior Principal Engineer in Silicon Valley, this book is for you.

Model the Industry like a System

The primary goal of this book is to model the system of the tech industry such that you can leverage this knowledge for your own initiative.

Privilege Escalate to the Top

A secondary goal of this book will be enabling you to privilege escalate yourself to the level of the elite in tech. We aim to equip you such that you can eventually outperform them.

Leverage The System

Upon finishing the book you should have a comprehensive understanding of the psychological and economic impact the tech industry has on its self, yourself, and the rest the world. You will learn how to predict the system’s behavior, and how to protect yourself while existing within the system.

You will learn proven techniques on navigating the tech industry while setting yourself up for success based on your goals. The system is the tech industry. The tech industry is the system. This book will teach you how to hack it.

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Written by Kris Nóva | 978-1-68489-565-6

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