today is my first school day in a very long time.

so lets talk about some of the things going through my head as i embark on what i would genuinely hope to be a very long journey as a lowly engineer.


what is the number 1 thing i want to get back out of this job when i look back on this in the future?

i want to smile more.

promises to myself

i want to promise myself a few things, and more importantly i want to keep these promises.

1. be humble

i want to view myself as just another worker bee in the hive. i don’t want to be “famous” or “special” or any more capable than anyone else i meet. i truly want to manage myself as just another worker willing to chop wood and carry water.

how do you handle fame?

i handle fame by not being famous. not to me. i am not famous to me.

-Bob Marley

2. be grateful

i would not be here in this position if it wasn’t for the love and kindness others have shown me. i want to spread this same support, love and kindness as often as possible with as many people as i can – especially at the office.

thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past few months - i know it hasn’t always been easy

  • joe and rachel beda
  • kwyn meagher
  • francesc campoy
  • patrick barker
  • meghann macguire
  • loris degioanni
  • leonardo grasso
  • leo di donato
  • lorenzo fontana
  • holden karau
  • bill johnson
  • gabe monroy
  • bob wise
  • jay pipes
  • sheen austin
  • devon lindsey
  • ian coldwater
  • natalee green

i am sure there is more i am forgetting :) you know i love you, and i mean this for everyone:

sincerely, thank you

3. take care of and advocate for myself

  • if i need something, i will ask for it
  • if i am hurt by something, i will speak up
  • if i feel something is unfair, i will surface it

4. say “i don’t know” more

one of my main goals of this new opportunity is giving myself permission to say “i don’t know” while being okay with that.

i am good at what i do, everyone knows that but me. that is why i was given this opportunity to succeed.

the only thing i need to prove to anyone, is that even the most successful engineers don’t know everything.

5. listen more

nóva i love you. but seriously shut the fuck up. sometimes you need to just listen.

6. twitter

twitter is cheaper than therapy, but you can also afford a therapist.

don’t give in to the serotonin of the internet hearts - we have goals to accomplish and work to do - stay focused.

7. your career is a vehicle to retirement

say it with me folks

your career is a vehicle to retirement

i don’t want to lose sight of this. i should increase my savings, and use my career as a tool to enable happiness and support my crazy adventures.

i am an alpinist

i wrote a small poem for myself, that i will read in times of doubt when i need to find strength.

i am an alpinist. 

i move quickly.

i move deliberetly. 

i am strong.

i navigate hazards.

i calculate risk.

i see oppurtunity and i strike.

i recognize that the summit is the halfway point.

i trust myself.

i believe in myself.

i know my limits. 

i know when to turn back.

i know mountains are everywhere in my life, not just in the wild.

and above all else, safety third.

send that shit

you go girl. you got this. i believe in you. i would hire you. i would invest in you. send it.