i wrote a poem.

can we meet for brunch? perhaps on a tuesday?

allow me to introduce myself.

my friends call me nóva, and i am a very disgusting monster. my genitals were mutilated a long time ago, and i have since had terrifying irreversible damage done to my skin and my skeleton. my bones have been broken, cracked, and re attached in new configurations.

my hair has fallen out. my body has twisted over the years.

i never wanted to be like this.

i was locked away as a child.

i was broken and rebuilt with the shrapnel of fax machines and computers.

the revenue service has rejected my cries for help to heal my papercuts and wounds.

i have no were left to turn.

so i sit, alone, in my cave – a monster.

i have a proposal. that you join me, a monster, for brunch.

if you will not, i will understand. all that i ask is that you remember me this way.

never let me change.

never let me grow.

never let me heal.

never consider me another way.

never change your thoughts - as i will never change.

never consider me beyond what i am.

not next tuesday, nor the one after, or any tuesday from then on.


i beg you.


let me continue to live on – a monster – in your heart – forever.