yes. hi. hello. me again. wow i really love this intro.

anyway i want to start using emojis more in my writing.

i installed an emoji plugin in my text editor and i would like it if i could start to use emojis more in my writing for hilarious dramatic effect 🎉.


they aren’t fucking showing up 😠

  • 🎉 hooray
  • 🙂 smile
  • 🏴‍☠️ pirate flag


if you want emojis in goland type this

pacaur -R goland
pacaur -S goland goland-jre
pacaur -S ttf-fira-code symbola noto-fonts-emoji-apple terminus-font
fc-cache -fvr
sudo reboot now 


so i run arch linux and here is how i solved the problem of having fabulous emojis in any intellij/goland/clion like IDE

if you check the arch packages - you can notice that there are specific Java Runtime Environments (JRE) packages for different IDEs

(this is the fucking problem)

i had installed jre11 and that was what was fucking me up

install the idea (the right way)

i started with goland

so naturally i installed goland via

pacaur -S goland

and this was the problem - i then used a “normal” JRE and that was 100% why my emojis weren’t showing up.

it was an older JRE that didn’t support monospace embedded emojis.

here is what you want to do.


pacaur -S goland goland-jre


pacaur -S clion clion-jre


pacaur -S intellij-idea-community-edition-jre


okay now i like shit to be pretty - so here are the fonts that i like the most - and if you want to have pretty arch linux you want these too.

note: i like noto-fonts-emoji-apple because i think the apple emojis are pretty - however you can substitute noto-fonts-emoji if you want

pacaur -S ttf-fira-code symbola noto-fonts-emoji-apple terminus-font

trust me - you want terminus-font and ttf-fira-code.

make your idea pretty

reset your font cache for good measure

fc-cache -fvr
sudo reboot now 

now you can go to your settings and edit your fonts in intellij or goland or whatever

i suggest checking out terminus or fira-code for your main font and noto-color-emoji for your emoji font

pro tip

also grab the yet another emoji support plugin

now you can type : in your ide and it will start to populate emojis just like in slack