yes. hi. hello. me again.

figured i would share a few details of the surgery

content ⚠ warning

  • surgery pictures
  • transgender thoughts
  • family childhood thoughts
  • gore / stitches / scars

surgery day

i snapped a few selfies while i was waiting to go into the operating room. i’ll share those in a moment.

detaching from my body

this might be a bit odd, but i really felt lucky about having such a concrete out-of-body experience.

i really believe that there are 2 main components to me as a person

  • the body (meat sack if you will)
  • the soul / my mind / me

i feel like my job as a “driver” in my life, is to use my body as a little vehicle for my adventures in life.

here are some surgery thoughts i scribbled down on my phone (i do not remember writing these). however – i feel like these are pretty great 🙂

kris nóva

needless to say i felt very much like climbing, and my practice of being able to detach my bodily fears from my mental fears really came in handy.

i am proud to report i was very calm and peaceful through the entire process.


notice a few things

  • distance from eyebrows to eye balls
  • distance from eyebrows to hair line
  • curve of eye brows

kris nóva

kris nóva


now we can also see

  • wideness of eyes (surprised look on my face)
  • toxic female beauty nose
  • shorter distance from eyebrow to hairline
  • square / non receding hairline

kris nóva

kris nóva

kris nóva

first day home

after 24 hours in the hospital - i was sent home with a full face dressing - this dressing will be on for the next week or so.

kris nóva

kris nóva


the surgeon Dr. Deschamps-Braly had remarkable and meticulous dexterity with his work. even my primary care doctor agreed his work was beautiful.

anyway - next week we should have our first glimpses into the “new” naked face.

i could cry - im so happy to finally have parts of what felt like my soul - given back to me.

i truly feel like my innocence was slightly restored. the scars of my life and childhood are finally reflected physically.