yes. hi. hello. me again.

we are 6 days post operation!

content ⚠ warning

  • surgery pictures (like fucking REALLY good ones)
  • capitalism trauma

bone pics

okay I will spare any of the big reveal photos for later this week when we get operating room pictures, and our first total face reveal.

however these are too good NOT to share.

who wants to see what 27 years of toxic masculinity looks like after it’s been sawed off my face? i know i sure as hell do.

so i wrote you a poem internet.


Sit right down and watch the clock.
The grass is growing and the medicine is working.
The absence of collagen, calcium, and marrow sitting neatly on a piece of graph paper.
A fine nib, and a sliver of toxic masculinity. 
Displayed for your pleasure. 
Oh sweet honey medicine -- give me my medicine -- heal me -- cure me -- fix me.
I want it!
I need it!
Oh no longer do I have to wait for my medicine to take. 
Rub this medicine on my tits
oh baby i am a blood drenched witch of my knees --
     with my mouth wide open waiting for the cumshot of --
          lifelong redemption all over my face.

Baby -- if this isn't pure freedom -- i don't know what is.

i am truly free - and nobody can stop me.

i have found my medicine.





enjoy you heathens :) enjoy