yes. hi. hello. me again.

fuck you – you’re gay.

The Alphabet

okay so i want to make one thing absolutely fucking clear.

being gay – and being transgender – have about as much in common as java and javascript which means they have absolutely nothing in fucking common.

Who you go to bed with?

Who do you like? Who do you want to fuck? What makes you absolutely shagadelic randy baby? Do you even want to fuck at all? Do you not fuck? Do you make love in stead? What’s your deal? What parts do you have? What parts do you like? Do you like soft things? Do you like the lights on? off? are you a moaner? do you like eye contact? do you close your eyes and pretend?

okay. so i am sure somewhere in there as you were reading you started to imagine things about yourself.

the point is you (like everyone) probably have some sort of opinion and/or preference(s) about sex/love – and chances are – not everyone likes the same things you do.

so let’s talk about the alphabet

you know the lgbtqia+ plus one? the “gay” one?

lesbian, gay, and a handful of other words usually represent a preference for love and/or good ol fashioned love making – or in other words

who you go to bed with?

great. we can all go home now. you are either gay – or not – or maybe a little bit of both – nobody really cares – we just care that there are words for it so you don’t accidently try to flirt with someone who maybe isn’t interested in the same things you are.

Who you go to bed as?

well i am transgender. which basically means that society fucked me over and traumatized me as a child for being born with some chromosomes and an unfortunate endocryne system. anyway thanks to private healtchare, and some US dollars i have been able to slightly correct this.

the point being is that the t in lgbtq doesn’t really make me gay now does it?

who knows? maybe i am totally into good ol fashioned missionary style christian american fucking and all i want is a nice protestant man to knock me up with some lovely crotch goblins?

the point is that the t in me doesn’t really prevent me from being lgbq or any of the hundreds of other words i could be.

so for all intents and purposes – i usually just tell people i am gay so they just shut up and know that SOMETHING is different about me – but to be completely honest – i just like everyone - so i am actually a p for pansexual

What you go to bed with?

what’s your kink?

i know you have one…

sure – it might not be latex, or leather, or role playing, or BDSM – but you know that sexy nighty in the back of your closet? or the good sheets you put on the bed around the holidays? maybe that one candle near the bathtub…

i am sure something out there “gets you in the mood”.

so welcome to the fucking k for kink party you kinky bitch.

again – as these get more “unconventional” the norm is just to pawn them off on being queer or gay when in reality they are just kinks

so why is everyone gay?

everyone is gay because gay doesn’t exist.

there is no such thing as gay.

  • does me being transgender make me gay?
  • does me being pansexual make me gay?
  • does me being kinky make me gay?

i am certain most people would think of me as gay – and i certainly describe myself as gay – but there isn’t really an actual gay event horizon

if you have an opinion about any of the questions above

  • who do you go to bed with?
  • who do you go to bed as?
  • what do you bring to bed?

then in some sense of the word - you are part of the lgtbqkiap+ alphabet – which means – i’m sorry to tell you – that you’re gay.

but i am straight white person who only has vagina sex with my partner?

yeah that is literally the gayest thing i have ever heard - i am sure there is something in the bedroom that you do that gets you on the alphabet

so welcome to the big gay party.

i’m gay. you’re gay. we are all gay.

who cares?

no one.

that is the point.

it doesn’t fucking matter - as long as you are happy, safe, loved, and respected.

if you want to call yourself gay - welcome. if you want to call yourself trans - welcome. if you want to call yourself queer - welcome. if you want to call yourself kinky - welcome.

the majority of these have nothing to do with each other - and as long as you are happy and not harming anyone - i love you - i validate you - i respect you - and i see you.

the words are everyone’s words.

if you want to be gay – be gay