What about GitOps?

Hi 👋 Me again with opinions. I want to tell my story, and capture my experience with GitOps. These are my opinions, and as always I will do my best to be as respectful and reasonable as I possibly can. What does GitOps mean to me? I encourage you to do your own research. I also concede that my definition of GitOps is probably flawed. GitOps to me is using git and associated workflows to do operations for a company, team or organization.

Well… Events are back

A few thoughts on my experience at KubeCon 2021

Package Management in Kubernetes (Go vs YAML)

This article highlights the nuance with running Go as an alternative to YAML. YAML vs Go.

Unexpected Stream Challenge

A unexpected German fellow popped into my steam.

SSH Tunneling with Kubernetes

Using SSH Tunnels with Kubernetes

Infrastructure as Software

Managing modern infrastructure well

The Toaster

The story of my favorite invention: the toaster.

Post Facial Feminization (3)

just getting kissed upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat (now with selfies!)

Everyone is gay.

me bitching about being queer and sharing my opinions

Post Facial Feminization (2)

just getting kissed upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat (now with calibrated bone pictures!)

Post Facial Feminization (1)

just getting kissed upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat

Pre Surgery Update

yes. hi. hello. me again. i don’t have much time today so i will do my best to keep this quick and to the point. i will keep this as factual and data rich as possible, i will save my trauma, my experience, and my feelings for another post on another day. this is just the write-up - the pre-mortem if you will. ⚠ content warning transgender issues surgery trauma capitalism / healthcare financial issues family abandonment disclosure 💖 there are friends who are taking care of me - and i love them more than words can say - this is 100% is not a way of minimizing that love and support.


quick blog on emojis in archlinux with goland clion and intellij

Ardanlabs Podcast with Bill Kennedy

podcast with ardan labs

kubernetes malware writeup for klustered

notes on the klustered breaking and how i did what i did

collaboration vs competition in open source software

a quick thought on capitalism and collaboration as it applies to open source marketing


i wrote a small poem

the pitch slap

my personal favorite way to propose technical concepts to a team

Booting Linux 5.13 on Mac Mini M1

notes on booting linux 5.13 on an apple mac mini with an m1 silicon chip

FOSDEM Kubernetes Clusterfuck

Embedded summary of the Kubernetes clusterfuck talks

open source clusters as a service

small write up that summarizes clusters as a service

The Distributed Operating System Void

Preface: I will be typing this in proper (capitalized) English. Unlike the majority of my other work. A substantial portion of this is IP is accredited to the concepts proposed by Andrew Rynhard and his work with Talos Systems. (COSi) Thesis Modern (circa 2021) UNIX based operating systems should be reimagined to support higher level workloads that are managed in a distributed environment, such as kubernetes. The first step in progress towards this goal, is defining an interface.

building a firewall

building an OPNSense firewall on Supermicro SuperServer SYS-E300-9D

my pronouns are irrelevant

deep writing about transgender issues, pronouns, and facial feminization surgery

first week back

first week at new job

first day at twilio

career first day exciting

why libraries should not log

i was mad on twitter, and wrote a retaliation post about logging

outage report 2021-03-02

comcast fucking sucks

rejection fucking sucks

quick post about rejection

persistent state with ZFS on archlinux with kubernetes

setting up ZFS for kubernetes on archlinux

UEFI arch linux installation

how i like to set up my archlinux distros