FOSDEM Kubernetes Clusterfuck

Embedded summary of the Kubernetes clusterfuck talks

open source clusters as a service

small write up that summarizes clusters as a service

The Distributed Operating System Void

Preface: I will be typing this in proper (capitalized) English. Unlike the majority of my other work. A substantial portion of this is IP is accredited to the concepts proposed by Andrew Rynhard and his work with Talos Systems. (COSi) Thesis Modern (circa 2021) UNIX based operating systems should be reimagined to support higher level workloads that are managed in a distributed environment, such as kubernetes. The first step in progress towards this goal, is defining an interface.

building a firewall

building an OPNSense firewall on Supermicro SuperServer SYS-E300-9D

my pronouns are irrelevant

deep writing about transgender issues, pronouns, and facial feminization surgery

first week back

first week at new job

first day at twilio

career first day exciting

why libraries should not log

i was mad on twitter, and wrote a retaliation post about logging

outage report 2021-03-02

comcast fucking sucks

rejection fucking sucks

quick post about rejection

persistent state with ZFS on archlinux with kubernetes

setting up ZFS for kubernetes on archlinux

UEFI arch linux installation

how i like to set up my archlinux distros