I deeply believe collaboration is more effective than competition. Open source software is one way that I am able to work in an open, transparent, and collaborative style despite the constraints of the U.S. economy that preaches otherwise.

Part of my philosophy involves the ability to influence the broader industry, which means I often give even my best ideas away. Below are some of my ideas that I have given away.


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In 2022 she started the Aurae runtime project. Aurae is a free and open source Rust project which houses a generic systems runtime daemon built specifically for enterprise distributed systems. Aurae is designed to work well with Kubernetes, and serves as an enterprise focused alternative to systemd.


In 2022 she developed an eBPF based rootkit to assist the Ukranian cyber security sector in developing a defense against single SYN packet attacks from the Russian government. Her work was later credited in an eBPF Offensive Rootkit thesis paper by h3xduyck Marcos Bajo.


In 2022 she developed an eBPF and C backed pid scanner for detecting malicious runtime processes.


In 2021 she developed a Kubernetes client for platform teams which used the Go client directly. This later became the inspiration for AuraeScript.


In 2017 she developed a Kubernetes installer and management system called Kubicorn.