🏴‍☠️ kris nóva

kris nóva is a professional business adult who works on important computer boops.

she is an international internet celebrity who does significant computer boops. she is world-famous for her work on kubernetes, linux, and infrastructure. she is a successful grown-up hacker, and specializes in cybersecurity in distributed computing environments.

💬 recent news

🤔 personal projects i am working on

  • specialk pid 1 and systemd replacement built exclusively for kubernetes
  • nivenly.com which is live at nivenly.com
  • novix a arm64 linux based operating system and userspace of my own design

🔭 open source projects

  • COSI project i co-founded the cosi project which attempts to standardize operarting system components for distributed operating systems with kubernetes
  • [kubicorn[(https://github.com/kubicorn)
  • kubernetes
  • linux