12 Feb

Hello – Me again

     So as I am sure most of you have noticed — I have been gayly unemployed for the past 6+ months. I have gone through a tremendous number of personal changes, as I am sure we all have during the exciting events of the 2020 year of our lord.

     Without going into too much detail, it is safe to say that I needed a break. I was in a dark place, and hurt some people I love very much. I also was hurt myself by a lot of things out of my control.

     Recently I have started a job search, and have narrowed it down substantially. I am unsure even when I will know for certain what my future holds. However I am certain, I will start working soon, and hopefully I will be at this new job for a very long time! I am exhausted, as I am sure we all are.

     I probably will not disclose where I am working, my title, or even what I am doing at my new job because honestly my job is none of your business. I would like to begin to live a life where I exist independently of my employer. We have a few years of abusive developer advocacy to thank for this newly imposed boundary. Get the fuck off my lawn with your shit.

     If you are lucky enough to work with me, Hi! Hello! Nice to meet you! I am so excited to spend my working hours in close contact with you. If you are not so lucky, feel free to follow along on twitter for typical Nóva antics and shenanigans as per usual. There will be mountains and plenty of trolling to go around.

     Before I start my new job, I wanted to spend a week of my life giving back to the people who have helped get me where I am today. Next week I am blocking off my calendar to sit and connect with folks to see if there is anything I can do to help with the current bullshit situation that is the reality of living through a global pandemic. I mean this, even if you just want to catch up, talk to a friend, show me a picture of your cat, talk about mountain climbing, talking about being gay, literally ANYTHING.

     If you would like to spend some time with me please check out my calendly links below and we can connect and hang out.

Facial Feminization Sponsorship

     Furthermore I am starting a new sponsorship fund, where I will be personally try to help with the successful Facial Feminization Surgery of a selected transgender woman in tech. This is very personal and very important to me, and I am doing this to try to help make a positive change in the world.


     The goal is to find someone who needs the surgery, but does not have the resources to go through with it. The sponsorship will attempt to enable the surgery — either from my own pocket, or from other avenues such as donations and working after hours. There is no guarantee on success, or on a timeline. Ye be warned.

If you are interested in either helping to sponsor, or being sponsored please fill out the form below!